Oh Nina.

I had an epiphany today.

I don’t have the time or the language to explain the whole story, but dear reader, I trust you will understand.

I realised today, that I deeply regret that I was not born in time to travel by independent means and sit in a darkened club, or concert hall, and hear Nina Simone sing Feeling Good. Live. To me – while I sit there in the dark.

I realised I have missed something very very important by being born too late, on the wrong side of the world, with no time or means to get to her. That my life could have been complete, if only.

And no other rendition, however good or soulfully delivered can now ease that heavy feeling.

I’ll be over here, consoling myself.

Just in case you thought you had a bad day.

I fell over at tenpin bowling tonight. Stumbled backwards over the ball dispenser, fell flat on my arse, in front of my kids, husband, and  twenty-odd dudes out on their bowling night in the lanes next to us.

I never let go of the ball. (Why?!).

There was much delight and hooting, and while Smallest Person gave me a hug and told me how she felt bad for me – she then re-enacted the whole thing several times over. Kind of like a live replay.

It was hysterical.

Motherly Monologues

On the sidelines, one cold and windy morning.

One Mother:
Put your hat on, it’s freezing cold. Look around you, everyone else is wearing a beanie except you.
Put your hat on now. I don’t want you to get sick.
Reaches into a bag, pulls out a beanie and plants it on the child’s head.
You can’t get sick for skiing. Why won’t you wear a hat?
Child is now wearing the beanie.
Tell her Dad! Tell her why she can’t get sick for skiing.
And what’s more, you’ll be sick during school holidays, so it’s not like you get time off from school. Ha!

And another:
Put your hat on.
Put your hat on now, or I’ll make you go sit in the car.
Child pulls a beanie out of her pocket and puts it on.

Quick dirty lazy.

After two years of playing football, Big Sister scored a goal at the one game I did not attend. Winter shakes me up again. I feel weird, cold, tired and a bit more weird. It could be that I am generally a bit weird, and I only notice it when I have to sit inside a lot. Also I don’t know why I only have pink socks. I don’t remember buying so many. I had a nice outing with a friend and her potential wedding dresses, then I gulped wine and talked too much, got home and wondered why the fukola I talk too much sometimes. I blame winter. Also a starvation of social outings. I’ve forgotten how to be cool. I went to buy some winter boots, but they had already sold out. It’s hard to find the perfect boot. This is somewhat depressing. I am come in very late to GIRLS and have watched each episode of season one back to back over two nights. Fascinating. Also, the best opening title ever. Big GIRLS all lit up in a font that looks a bit like Gill Sans but that dropped R, it’s not Gill. Not Futura. Avenir? Nope. Not Agenda. Not Johnson. *Stops blogging to Google* …. Oh! It’s a custom font. Cool. Where were we? Oh yes, I’ll have you know I successfully backed a trailer through Auckland University last week. Backed A Trailer. Shut Up. I KNOW. Even after I told my colleague I would only drive the truck trailer situation forwards, but we’d made a wrong turn taking the stage gear back from this awesome show. So in GIRLS that guy Adam just peed on her in the shower, which is hideously gross…And then I remember lame, gross things boys did to me too when I was young that I never properly complained about. Sometimes you think that maybe it’s supposed to be like that.