Eateries what I love (#1).

To help give this blog some structure, I’ve decided to introduce a regular post on Eateries What I Love. Those who know me, know that I love food and have strong opinions about cooking and eating. Not that I think everything we eat should be expensive and time-consuming to make and eat, but that it should always be what you want to eat in that moment, and it should be prepared with skill and love…making the simple best of the ingredients and if possible eaten to satisfy both hunger and soul.

So first up, in no particular order is: 

Little Creatures Dining Hall
222 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, Melbourne. 

My sister took us here while we were visiting her in Melbourne a couple of years back. Relaxed and bohemian (with a fascinating interior to explore), Little Creatures serves it’s own brewed beer, and very simple home-style food. We ate lamb chops, chicken schnitzel with mashed potatoes and peas, steak and mushroom pie, chunky oven fries with a garlicky mayo - all made with care and skill, and served with utter simplicity.

I was super hungover that day - and tried to tackle it with a hair-of-the-dog approach, (FAIL), but we still managed to enjoy a 5 hour party for 4 here at Little Creatures grazing and supping, and the friendly staff even joined us in a game of ‘Who am I?’ (one particularly fabulous waitress wore her paper spit-stuck to her forehead, until another diner asked her why she had Ronald Reagan’s name on her head).

As a light-weight beer drinker, I really loved the little ‘pony’ beers - a small 150ml sample from the brewery.

Go there for: relaxed atmosphere, people watching, food to comfort when you’re hungry for Mum’s home cooking and other old fashioned delights, their good range of boutique beers and ciders…and to be in Fitzroy! (One of the coolest ‘burbs in Melbourne).

Quote of the day:
Guest 1; “I am drunk.”
Guest 2; “I am so drunk I actually can’t see you.”

Images © Copyright Little Creatures.